There are many reasons why a couple may struggle to conceive. Sometimes, the solution is male infertility treatment near Bloomington, IL. Through the best fertility treatment center, you can learn more about how to treat different infertility issues so that you can have a child.

How Male Infertility Treatment Works

man speaking with female doctor about male infertility treatmentThe best male infertility treatment near Bloomington, IL, will target the underlying cause of the problem. Men may struggle to conceive a child from several causes of infertility. Consequently, the treatment center must review the individual’s health history, run diagnostic tests, and listen to any concerns.

An essential part of male infertility treatment is figuring out which treatments will be right for the couple. The cost of treatment and success rates are important factors for the couple to consider.

Initial Testing and Diagnosis

The first part of treatment is getting a male fertility test and diagnostic services. Your insurance may even pay for the male fertility test, so check your coverage beforehand.

Initially, the doctor will consider your medical history and do a physical exam. The doctor will also want to see if there are any chronic ailments, inherited conditions, surgeries, or illnesses that could affect your fertility. A semen analysis will look at the sperm’s quality, motility, and shape.

Sometimes, doctors need to do other tests to discover the cause of your infertility, such as hormone testing or specialized sperm function tests. Hopefully, one of these tests will show the cause of your infertility problems.

Choosing the Right Treatment

The right male infertility treatment depends entirely on the cause of your infertility. The top treatment for you may be surgery, hormonal treatments, or medications.

If you have sexual intercourse problems like erectile dysfunction, your fertility doctor may recommend counseling and medication. Similarly, surgery can correct problems like prior vasectomies or an obstructed vas deferens. If you have an infection in your reproductive tract, your doctor may offer antibiotic medications to treat it.

If the number of sperm in your ejaculation is low, then your doctor may insert the sperm directly into the uterus. Likewise, in vitro fertilization (IVF) can work because it allows the doctor to fertilize the eggs with just a few sperm. Hormone medications may also help.

Having a Child Is Possible

Fortunately, the right male infertility treatment can help you conceive a child. At the Advanced Reproductive Center, we start by diagnosing the cause of the infertility problem. Once we know the cause, we can determine the best infertility treatments for you.

At our center, you can find treatment options such as:

  • Fertility education
  • IVF
  • Intrauterine insemination
  • Sperm and egg donors
  • Fertility medications

If it seems like it is impossible to conceive, do not lose hope. With the help of the Advanced Reproductive Center, you may be able to achieve your dream of having a child. Our compassionate, knowledgeable staff members can help you diagnose and treat your infertility. Learn more about our programs when you contact Advanced Reproductive Center Peoria at 844.395.2577.